Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer, High Quality and Measures Lots Of Stats.

For a high quality elliptical trainer for your home the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer comes highly recommended it's a beautiful looking silver coloured elliptical trainer with black highlights and features two sets of handlebars and measures everything from body fat (BMI), calories burned, pulse and heart rate, speed, distance travelled and time.
Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer, High Quality.

High Quality, Measures Lots Of Stats.

Stainless steel sensors in the handlebars measure both pulse rate and body fat (body fat is measured by measuring the resistance of your body from one hand to another which is an indication of body fat) measured in BMI Body Mass Index and your pulse rate is measured by measuring the pulse in your palm and fingers as you grip the handlebars.

The Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer features heart rate control exercise where the elliptical trainer will monitor your heart rate (calculated from your pulse) and automatically adjust how hard it is to move the pedals on the elliptical trainer depending on your heart rate, too high a heart rate and the pedals will become easier to move up and down and too low a heart rate and your get a warning message on the screen if very low or if just an at rest heart rate then the pedals will become harder to move up and down.

As well as heart6 rate, pulse rate and body mass the elliptical trainer also measures the calories your burning due to exercise this is possible because when you select one of the exercise programmes to use your asked to enter your weight on the digital display this is then used to calculate the calories your burning by taking into account not only your weight but how hard your working.

Knowing your calorie consumption will help you tailor your diet and exercise either to burn more calories or reduce your calorie intake, watch both of those and your start to loose weight.
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