Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical.

Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical with 18 Different Exercise Courses Programmed and Heart Rate Control.

Looking for an elliptical trainer for home use that won't get boring then buy yourself the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical as it comes with 18 different exercise programmes built in these exercise programmes are like different courses where the speed and how hard it is to move the paddles up and down changes depending on the course and with 18 to choose from you won't get bored all the courses have different goals like losing weight or increasing cardiovascular activity or shaping and toning muscle on your bum, hips, thighs, tummy and calves.
Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical, 18 Different Exercise Courses Programmed.

18 Different Exercise Courses Programmed, Heart Rate Control.

The Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical has heart rate control exercises too these exercises allow you to specify the maximum heart rate you would like to maintain as a percentage of your maximum heart rate its sounds confusing but here's an example suppose you wanted your exercise to work you at 65% of your maximum heart rate you would enter 65% on the digital display and the elliptical trainer would calculate your maximum heart rate by measuring the pulse in your hands (this is possible because your holding the handgrips which have a pulse sensor built in) and calculating your maximum heart rate as you exercise then adjusting the resistance levels on the paddles to keep you at 65% of that maximum heart rate.

With heart rate control you can safely exercise knowing that the elliptical trainer won't let you hurt yourself or over exert yourself as well as entering a percentage of your maximum heart rate which is the easiest way to exercise because it means you don't need to know your maximum heart rate you can also enter your maximum heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute if you happen to know it.
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