Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical.

Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical with Silent Operation so you can Exercise Without Waking Baby.

Just given birth or know someone who has and they will be wanting to get back into shape after being pregnant but with the arrival of a new baby your limited in what exercises you can do as now its not so easy to get to the gym with a baby and exercising at home when the baby is sleeping means that your need some home fitness equipment that's silent in operation so you won't wake baby.
Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical, Silent Operation.

Silent Operation, Exercise Without Waking Baby.

The Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical uses silent magnetic resistance to provide the resistance on the paddles as you try to move the paddles up and down and there's no vibration or wobble either thanks to the large 'H' shape feet which sit the elliptical trainer firmly on any surface from carpet to lino, wood, concrete and floor tile.

Because the elliptical trainer is silent you won't wake baby and can even exercise in the same room as your sleeping baby, there's a timer on the elliptical trainer so you can watch your time and maintain an exercise regime each day like thirty minutes on the elliptical trainer or you might prefer to look at the calorie counter on the digital display and aim to burn say five hundred calories a day.

The Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical even measures body fat and pulse rate, stainless steel sensors built into the handlebars measure the resistance across your body which is a good indication of your bodies percentage of body fat measured using the BMI Body Mass Index so you can even measure your body mass each day watching as your body mass reduces after exercise the perfect way to get rid of those extra pounds you put on whilst you where pregnant.
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