Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer the Bright Orange Coloured Home Exercise Equipment.

Looking for home exercise equipment that will be a talking point in your home then have a look at the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer is bright orange in colour and really draws attention to itself, its not only the colour that's attractive but the price too and the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer has been heavily discounted and comes with free delivery and a range of hi-tech features like heart rate control exercise.
Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer, Bright Orange Coloured.

Bright Orange Coloured, Home Exercise Equipment.

With heart rate control exercise you select one of the built in exercise programmes and enter the maximum heart rate that you don't want the machine to go above this is entered as a percentage of your maximum heart rate so 90% of your maximum heart rate would make the exercise machine try to maintain your heart rate at 90% of maximum, maximum being the highest heart rate reading the elliptical trainer has recorded as you exercise, the advantage of entering a percentage over entering an actual value is you don't need to know what your maximum heart rate is as the elliptical trainer will work it out by monitoring your heart rate.

Heart rate control exercise is the safest way to exercise if you know you need to lose weight and get fit but feel that your not very well and worried about your health heart rate exercise will keep you safe and if your heart rate does go too high or too low (the elliptical trainer will warn you) then your know to stop or take it even easier.

On the Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer you heart rate is calculated by first measuring the pulse ion your hands by using a stainless steel pulse sensor built into the handgrips, hold the handgrips and your pulse will be read and then your heart rate calculated from your pulse in the same way as your doctor would.
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