Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider.

Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider with Front Wheel Drive and Natural Stride Position.

If you like elliptical trainers but always feel that your legs have to be too far apart and that the stride action feels a bit unnatural then try the Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider its a home elliptical trainer that's been designed to have the large flywheel at the front rather than the back, putting the flywheel at the front means that the paddles can be shorter and closer together so you won't feel like your doing the splits every time you use an elliptical trainer.
Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider, Front Wheel Drive.

Front Wheel Drive, Natural Stride Position.

With a more natural and fluid motion you won't have trouble starting to peddle or suffer from the vibrations and wobbles that other elliptical trainers have and with shorter paddles the Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider is suitable for both tall people and short people, the reason tall and short people make a difference on the elliptical trainer is because of their stride length tall people have a large stride length than shorter people who have shorter legs.

If you have a large stride length (your tall) then you might have found that on other makes of elliptical trainer you don't actually use the full length of your legs when you push up and down on the paddles and that keeps you from getting a full exercise so its going to be harder for you to shape and tone muscles but with the Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider your be extending your arms and legs to their full reach.

There's two sets of handlebars on this elliptical one is a moving handlebar that gives a full body workout and the other is a fixed handlebar that does not move and gives a lower body workout like a step machine so its like having two exercise machines I one an elliptical trainer and a step machine.
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