BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Home Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Home Exercise Bike that Measures All Vital Statistics Heart Rate, Calories, BMI, Speed and Distance.

With the BodyTrain IS350E Exercise Bike you have all the exercise statistics at your finger tips on the digital display like your heart rate which is measured from the pulse sensors in the handlebars and displayed on screen as is your BMI Body Mass Index which constantly measures your body fat as your cycling so you can see exactly how much body fat your losing as your exercising plus there's a display showing you in real-time the calories your burning and of course your cycling speed and distance.
BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Home Exercise Bike, Measures All Vital Statistics.

Measures All Vital Statistics, Heart Rate, Calories, BMI, Speed, Distance.

How hard it is to move the pedals is called the pedal resistance and on the BodyTrain IS350E Exercise Bike is provided by a fully electronic magnetic resistance system which lets you change how hard it is to pedal on the control panel between the handlebars and also the automatic exercise programmes can change the resistance on the pedals for you.

You can use the exercise bike in manual mode where you simply select how hard you want the pedals to be when you turn them round low resistance makes it easier to pedal and high resistance makes it harder to pedal the more resistance you use the more calories your burn and the quicker your lose weight, shape and tone your body but of course it will be harder to move the peddles round so select a resistance level that is challenging but that still allows you to complete your exercise session.

You can also use one of the exercise programmes built into the exercise bike there are twelve exercise programmes to choose from where each exercise programme is like a different cycling route some are fast whilst other routes are slow and some are more energetic than others all the routes are designed with specific exercise goals in mind like losing weight, burning calories, increasing cardio, toning your muscles and many more you can use these exercise programmes as they are with you manually selecting the maximum resistance on the pedals from the control panel or you can let the exercise bike choose the level of resistance for you by analysing your heart rate.
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