Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike.

Buy the Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike which Remembers the Whole Families Settings with 4 User Memory and 16 Resistance Levels.

Want to buy and exercise bike that the whole family can use then buy the Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike which has 4 user memories so the whole family can store their individual settings so when you share the exercise bike you can still save and recall your personal settings this saves time messing around with menus and digital displays and allows each user to personalise the exercise bikes settings just for them.
Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike, Remembers Whole Families Settings.

Remembers Whole Families Settings.

There's 16 different resistance levels to choose from, the resistance is the amount of effort you must use in order to cycle against a certain resistance as set by you, the higher the resistance then the harder it is to pedal and the greater the weight loss, calorie consumption, muscle toning and fitness level.

There's 12 different exercise programmes so you can choose from options like lose weight, sports, cardio vascular workout, race, easy bike ride etc.

The heart rate and pulse are displayed on the digital screen and sensed by pulse sensors in the hand grips, simply hold the hand grips for your pulse to be read and displayed on the digital display as a heart rate, also an ear clip pulse sensor is included, simply clip the sensor to your ear lobe and the pulse in your ear is used to calculate your heart rate, the ear clip is ideal for people who don't want to hold the hand grips whilst they cycle.

The exercise programmes can be controlled by your heart rate, what this means is that the computer constantly monitors your heart rate and if it senses your heart rate as raised beyond a safe level (you can adjust the levels) or fallen beyond a safe level then the exercise bike resistance settings will change to make cycling easier or harder depending on the current state of your health.
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