Bremshey Control Vibration Plate.

Buy the Bremshey Control Vibration Plate for All Over Body Massage and Vibrations to Tone, Shape and Lose Weight.

Did you know that vibration plates are 30% more effective than exercise alone so if you do 6 exercises on a vibration plate you would have to do 10 exercises without the vibration plate to get the same exercise effect and not only that but if you have had a hard day at work standing on your feet all day then get an all body massage with vibrations from your feet, up through your legs and thighs and all the way to your shoulders and neck with a vibration plate.
Bremshey Control Vibration Plate, All Over Body Massage and Vibrations.

All Over Body Massage and Vibrations.

The large vibrating platform gives you plenty of room to stand on in any comfortable position you like and either stand on the vibration plate and let the vibrations soak through you or exercise on the plate to get the benefit of the 30% exercise efficiency. the large platform is not only for standing though it features a thick and comfortable rubber mat and you can lie down on the platform or sit on the platform and move into any position you find comfortable for exercise, yoga or Pilates.

The vibration plate is independently mounted from the handle bars and digital display so the handlebars do not wobble at all, hold the large and long handlebars for security and balance whilst you stand or exercise, use the handlebars as an exercise bar and know that the vibrations will only come up from the vibrating plate so your hands won't feel the vibrations as you hold the handlebars which some other makes of vibration plate don't isolate against and it makes holding the handlebars tightly practically impossible.

There's buttons to increase the number of vibrations as well as increase or reduce the power of those vibrations from slow powerful body moving vibrations to fast tingling vibrations that make all of your body tingle, use the buttons to adjust the vibrations to just the way you like it.
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