Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer.

Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer that's White and Red Coloured with Dual Handlebars.

A smart looking home elliptical trainer that's what you get with the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer its gloss white in colour with a red stripe down the side, red detailing and one red handlebar set a and the other handlebar set being black its a compact design for home use with large footplates that gives everyone big feet or small plenty of room.
Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, White and Red Coloured.

White and Red Coloured, Dual Handlebars.

There's an LCD display screen which shows you your exercise statistics in real time as you exercise and its conveniently mounted next to the handlebars your find some elliptical trainers mount the display next to the flywheel making it practically impossible to read the display when your exercising but with the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer and its well placed digital display its easy to read at all times.

The displays shows you your pulse rate as measured from stainless steel pulse sensors in the handlebars all you need do is hold the handlebars for your pulse to be sensed there's also a display for the time showing you how long you have been exercising and the perfect way to keep track of your exercise so for example you could decide to do thirty minutes of exercise a day which is the doctors recommended amount of exercise for us all.

There's a speed display which shows in real time how fast your going b y moving the pedals up and down and there's a distance display which shows how far you have travelled or at lease would have travelled if the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer wasn't a static home exercise machine and finally the calories used which shows you the actual calories you have burned whilst exercising according to the resistance level you have chosen and your weight which you can enter on the display screen before you start exercising this then allows the elliptical trainer to accurately calculate your calorie consumption whilst your exercising.
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