Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike with 8 Levels Of Resistance and Stable Base that Won't Wobble.

Tried home exercise equipment before and found their unstable and wobble across the floor then buy the Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike which has a very stable and large 'H' frame leg with a curved rear stabiliser to ensure the bike won't wobble, vibrate, make noises or scratch your floor.
Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike, 8 Levels Of Resistance.

8 Levels Of Resistance, Stable Base, Won't Wobble.

There's eight levels of resistance to choose from this governs how hard it is to pedal as the more resistance you select the harder it will be to pedal but your get fitter faster, lose weight faster and shape and tone your muscles faster so its a trade off between working hard and getting the result you want faster the resistance knob is located on the steering column and is easily reached when your sat on the saddle.

Made from high quality steel tube this exercise bike will last for many years and is strong enough to accommodate all weights of rider and with a large padded seat your actually want to use the cycle and not be desperate to get off because the seat is so uncomfortable.

The pedals feature foot straps to hold your feet on the pedals so that you're pushing on the pedals with the ball of your feet where the power in the foot comes from rather than the toes which are more likely to get sprained and sore.

The handlebars have built in stainless steel pulse sensors that measure your pulse rate as you cycle and display your pulse on the built in digital display which is located between the handlebars.

The digital display shows you the time you have been exercising for and the speed your cycling along with the distance you have cycled and the calories you have burned whilst cycling.
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