Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike the Indoor Racing Bike for Realistic Indoor Cycling.

When you buy the Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike you get free elbow pads and free delivery by courier as well as a free one year warranty with two year warranty option and a heavily discounted price.
Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike, Realistic Indoor Cycling.

The Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike is an indoor racing bike designed to be realistic and maintaining that outdoor cycling feel a 13kg flywheel is used instead of a front wheel and this provides lots of built up momentum which keeps the bike spinning just like a outside racing bike would keep spinning due to momentum whilst the Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike is designed to go very fast your still be able to stop immediately thanks to the emergency stop brake mounted on the bikes cross bar, pull up on the brakes hand knob and the bike will immediately stop no matter how fast your going.

On the pedals your find both a strap and toe clip which holds your foot firmly on the pedals the reason that both a strap and tow clip are important is that without them your be pushing the pedals down with your toes which leads to aches and pain and a possible sprain when you should be pushing down with the ball of your foot which is where the power is so use the strap and toe clip to prevent injury.

The saddle adjusts for both height up and down and reach forwards and backwards brining you closer or further away from the handlebars so you can use the tool free adjustment knobs to change the height and reach in seconds with your hand without needing any tools making the racing bike ideal for home use where several people will be using the bike and all are able to adjust the seat and handlebars without needing any tools.
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