Horizon Adventure 2 Folding Treadmill.

Buy the Horizon Adventure 2 Folding Treadmill the Full Size Treadmill for Beginners and Experts alike.

Buying a home treadmill then you better get one that's suitable for the whole family with the Horizon Adventure 2 Folding Treadmill you get a treadmill that's easy for the beginner to use and has some advanced features that the expert treadmill user will also welcome and because this is a treadmill designed for home use it can be folded upwards to take less room when not in use.
Horizon Adventure 2 Folding Treadmill, Full Size Treadmill.

Full Size Treadmill.

The treadmill running desk is full size, this large running or walking area means that you won't feel caged in when your walking or jogging and with plenty room to stand in the place you want to stand your feel more comfortable and secure, it's a large treadmill area but that does not mean that it will take up lots of room in your home, when you have finished exercising you can pull te treadmill deck upwards and the hydraulic arm lifts the treadmill running area upwards into a vertical position where it takes up far less room, then when your ready to use the treadmill again, pull the lever to lower the treadmill deck back to the floor and the treadmill area moves slowly down to floor level.

With a max speed of 10 MPH Miles Per Hour your find the treadmill is fast enough for even the fastest of runners of course the speed is fully under your control and you can go at any speed from a slow walk to a flat out run and everything in between, you can also press a button to select an incline that's the amount of hill you would like to run against, you can run on the flat with no hill or a hill with a maximum gradient of 10% a 1:10 hill or any hill size in between.
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