Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle.

Buy the Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle with a Huge 24 Exercise Programmes included, the Entry Level Upright Bike.

Looking for a good value exercise bike that also has some great features to keep you interested in exercising then buy the Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle which features a colour LCD screen and computer mounted between the handlebars which has 23 different exercise programmes built-in, similar prices exercise bikes will have just 4 or 6 exercise programmes and often the screen is only black and white but with the Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle you get a colour screen that shows you your cycling performance in real time as graphs.
Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle, Huge 24 Exercise Programmes Included.

Huge 24 Exercise Programmes Included.

With 24 exercise programmes to choose from there is plenty of variety with programmes designed to help you lose weight, burn calories, increase your stamina, tone your legs and exercise programmes just for fun too.

The saddle is fully adjustable up and down and is well padded so you won't be getting or sore or numb bottom on this exercise bike no matter how long you have been riding for.

The handlebars are adjustable too and have several different grip positions from horizontal classic bike to horn vertical grips for a racing bike, choose whichever grip position is best for you.

The Horizon Colima PRO Exercise Cycle will even measure the calories your burning in real time, just look at the digital display to see how many calories you have burned, a perfect addition to a any diet or calorie controlled eating plan.

Hold the handlebars whilst you cycle and the embedded pulse sensor will read the pulse in the palm of your hand and display this pulse information on the digital display which is an ideal way to see how your body is performing whilst you exercise, too high a pulse and your know to slow down.
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