Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike.

Buy the Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike for Cycling Whilst Seated with a Step Through Design for Easy Entry.

If you like the idea of cycling, sitting down and peddling to get fitter or lose weight but don't like the little saddles that most exercise bikes have then your like the Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike which has a full size proper seat instead of a tiny saddle, the seat is padded and supports your bottom, thighs and back with great lumber support too so if your suffering with back problems then this is really the exercise bike to buy.
Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike, Cycling Whilst Seated.

Cycling Whilst Seated.

Sitting down on the exercise bike is easy as you don't need to propel yourself upwards onto a high up yet small seat as you would have to with a conventional exercise bike, sitting down on the Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike is as easy as sitting down on a conventional chair, its big and easy to manoeuvre yourself onto with no floor restrictions making access easy.

The pedals have pedal straps which can be adjusted, you can choose to use the pedal straps to hold your feet on the pedals or you can ignore the pedal straps as you cycle, the choice is yours.

Handlebars are within easy reach directly in front of you as is the digital display and cycling computer which is easy to read and use as it has a large screen with clearly identified buttons and what they do when pressed.

The Horizon Comfort 408 Recumbent Bike features free spin technology, if you stop peddling there are no mechanical jarring or knocks t the legs that you get with other exercise bikes, the exercise bike is the safest way to exercise.

The step through design and conventional seat ensures that everyone regardless of their level of fitness or mobility levels can use this exercise bike, whether your recovering from injury and need some rehabilitation or your finding you need to keep more active in later years this exercise bike is designed for you.
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