Horizon Delos Cross Trainer.

Horizon Delos Cross Trainer the Easy To Use Elliptical Trainer to Improve Health and Lose Weight.

For an easy to use elliptical cross trainer consider the Horizon Delos Cross Trainer with a 16 inch stride length and oversized footplates there's plenty of room for your feet on the pedals from the smallest feet to UK size 13 shoes are easily accommodated a rear flywheel makes sure that the motion is fluid and natural rather than jerky and mechanical like some elliptical trainers and the LCD display shows you your feedback including the time you have been cross training the speed your exercising the distance you would have travelled the calories you have burned, your pulse rate and your body fat.
Horizon Delos Cross Trainer, Easy To Use Elliptical Trainer.

Easy To Use Elliptical Trainer, Improve Health and Lose Weight.

Pulse rate and body fat are measured by stainless steel sensors on the handlebars hold your hands over the sensors as you cross train and your pulse will be read and displayed on screen the sensors also measure resistance across your body which is an indication of body fat measured in BMI Body Mass Index, use this to see how your body fat has reduced as you exercise more over the coming weeks.

There's 9 exercise programmes built in with heart rate control too here the heart rate is calculated from your pulse is measured and if your current heart rate whilst you exercise goes too high the resistance on the pedals is reduced to make exercising easier so your heart rate will lower you can specify a maximum heart rate either by entering the heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute or by specifying a percentage of your maximum heart rate for example 75% would mean that you wanted the elliptical trainer to keep your exercise at 75% of your maximum recorded heart rate.

There's a user profile to so you can save any settings you changed or any details you enter like maximum heart rate, age, weight etc so you can recall these settings instantly the next time you want to exercise.
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