Horizon Endurance 3 Large Cross Trainer.

Buy the Horizon Endurance 3 Large Cross Trainer which is Suitable for those with Long Legs and Low Ceilings in their Home.

If you have long legs then you have probably found that your feet bash on the back of the cross trainer as you use them or that your feet are standing on the foot pedal edges and not actually on the pedals this is all an indication that the cross trainer you have been exercising on is made for someone with smaller leg length than you as cross trainers are made to a certain stride length, the stride length is the distance between your feet when you take a step forward and is bigger for someone with long legs than for someone with short legs, that's why its often said that tall people walk faster than short people, they generally don't but their stride length is smaller.
Horizon Endurance 3 Large Cross Trainer, Suitable for Long Legs.

Suitable for Long Legs.

With the Horizon Endurance 3 Large Cross Trainer you have a cross trainer with a stride length of 18 inches that's one of the biggest stride lengths you can get on a cross trainer and is suitable for those with a large stride length and those with a small stride length, if your smaller and use a large stride length cross trainer your notice that your feet have more room and you can choose a variety of positions to stand in to find the most comfortable for your cross training.

The Horizon Endurance 3 Large Cross Trainer also has a low ceiling height which means that the cross trainers pedals have been mounted lower down, so it's less of a step up to the pedals when you first climb on, the advantage of this is that your overall height when using the cross trainer is less so if your exercising in a small cottage with low ceilings you won't be banging your head on the ceiling.
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