Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer for Tall People with Pivoting Foot Plates for Comfort.

If your tall you will probably have experienced banging your feet on the back of the elliptical trainer as you exercise or standing on the very edge of the foot plate with your feet hanging over the edge of the foot plate, this is a sign that you have been exercising on a elliptical trainer that is too small for you the stride length of the elliptical trainer is smaller than your stride length.
Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer, For Tall People.

For Tall People.

Your stride length is the distance between your feet when you walk forwards and the Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer has a stride length of 20 inches which is the biggest elliptical trainer available, the rest of the family can use a large elliptical trainer even if they don't have long legs as all it will mean for them is that they have more room on the foot plates and more room to stand in a truly comfortable position.

The other complaint that people have about elliptical trainers when exercising is that their feet hurt or they start to get pins and needles this is in fact caused by fixed position foot plates, what happens is that your foot is force to move in an un natural position as the foot plate does not pivot this forced position causes your feet to get sore, the Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer has a pivoting foot plate that actually moves with your feet and does not force your feet into an uncomfortable position so exercising on an elliptical trainer actually becomes fun again.

Both daily exercises as well as weekly exercisers can use the Horizon Endurance 4 Elliptical Trainer as it has a range of resistance levels to suit everyone from the beginner to the exercise professional, there's 20 different resistance levels to choose from so plenty of choice for a varied exercise programme.
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