Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Cycle.

Buy the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Cycle, it's Strong and Sturdy with Wireless Heart Rate Sensors Included.

Looking to buy a good quality exercise cycle that looks good in your home, is sturdy and well made and incorporates some great technology then buy the Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Cycle.
Horizon Focus 308 Exercise Cycle, Strong and Sturdy.

Strong and Sturdy.

As well as pulse sensors in the handlebars for measuring your pulse simply by holding the handlebars, the pulse is then displayed on the large digital display screen between the handlebars, there's also a integrated wireless Heart Rate HR sensor so you can monitor your heart rate with chest belts, pulse measuring digital watches etc.

You even get a water bottle and water bottle holder for securing the water bottle on the handlebar stem within easy hand reach whilst cycling.

The seat is well padded and slides forward and backwards as well as moving up or down, that's so you can position yourself closer to the handlebars or further away from the handlebar, if your pregnant or large then your need to position the seat back a little to give more room between the seat, the handlebars and yourself, conversely if you have short arms you want to bring the handlebars and seat as close together as possible.

The handlebars and seat can be adjusted without any tools as the easy to turn adjustment knobs make these adjustments easy.

The difficulty in peddling is controlled by the resistance level, the harder it is to pedal the more effort you must make, the harder your muscles must work, the more calories you must burn, the more toned your legs will become and the thinner your get, this resistance level is adjustable between level 1 easy to level 16 difficult.

These resistance levels are fully programmable so as well as following along with the built in exercise programmes you can adjust the resistance level making the exercise programmes easier or more difficult.
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