Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine.

Buy the Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine the Vertical Folding Rower which uses Air Resistance.

Want to buy a rowing machine for home use but concerned that it will take up too much space at home then buy the Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine with the vertical folding mechanism where the rowing machine seat slide folds upwards you get a rowing machine with a very small footprint that is easy to store occupying no more space than a upright vacuum cleaner.
Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine, Vertical Folding Rower.

Vertical Folding Rower.

The Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine is also very quiet to use as the resistance system is based on air, fans silently rotate inside the rowing machine producing adjustable resistance, this is the very same resistance system that's used in rowing machines you find in your local gym and the reason gyms use these rowing machines is that air resistance rowers are very reliable with low noise so they don't disturb other members in the gym and they won't disturb other members of your household.

An important aspect of every rowing machine is the seat, you need a seat that's padded and comfortable else your soon want to stop rowing when you get a sore bottom, the Horizon Oxford II Rowing Machine has a large ergonomically designed padded seat that your actually want to sit on and enjoy rowing on.

Another major advantage of air resistance rowers is that the harder you pull the harder the resistance so you don't have to worry about reaching forward whilst rowing to adjust a resistance lever which is often so far out of reach from your seated position on the rowing machine that if it wasn't for your feet being strapped into the foot pedals you would fall out.

Want a high resistance on the rower then pull hard or want a easy row with low resistance then pull more softly.
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