Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike.

Buy the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike with Compact Design for Home Use and Built-in Transport Wheels for Easy Storage.

Want to buy an indoor racing bike so you can exercise at home without having to go out in the cold and wet then choose the Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike which has a compact design that easily fits into all homes and built-in transport wheels that lets you wheel the exercise bike around your home for easy storage.
Horizon S3 Indoor Racing Bike, Compact Design for Home Use.

Compact Design for Home Use.

This is very much an outdoor racing bike style in an indoor home exercise bike frame, the racing bike looks and feels like a proper racing bike with an adjustable racing bike seat that not only adjusts up and down but adjusts forwards and backwards so you can get closer to the handlebars or further away depending on your preference, so home racing bike exercisers like to stand up on the pedals to exercise and want the seat back as far as possible where others appreciate the padded comfortable seat and want to sit down.

The handlebars have several different grip positions from racing bike to conventional bike so you can choose a grip position that suits you best, the handlebars are covered in protective foam so your hands won't slip and your maintain a good grip.

Just below the handlebars on the crossbar is a micro adjusting resistance knob, you can turn this knob for very accurate adjustment of the resistance level, making your cycling harder or easier, obviously when your working harder your burning more calories and getting into shape faster.

There's an easy to moderate push down brake for immediate and safe breaking should you find yourself cycling very fast and wanting to stop in a hurry.

The large flywheel front wheel provided lots of momentum to give your cycling the exact same feel as if you where road cycling, with no vibration or road chatter from the wheels your experience the smoothest cycling.
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