IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill.

IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill the General Purpose Treadmill to Get Fit, Shape and Tone or Lose Weight.

For a general purpose treadmill you can't go wrong with the IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill its got transport wheels at the bottom and the treadmill can be folded away when not in use to give you more space in your room and with the wheels on the bottom (that only touch the floor when the treadmill is moved) you can even store the treadmill in a different room from the one you like to exercise in.
IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill, General Purpose Treadmill.

General Purpose Treadmill, Get Fit, Shape and Tone, Lose Weight.

There's three different level's of incline on this treadmill that's hill you can set the treadmill to respond like your walking or running up a hill and you do this by moving a lever which angles the running track beneath your feet there's three different sized hills to choose from the reason you might want to walk or run uphill is because you exercise different muscles when you walking and running uphill muscles like the calves, thighs, tummy muscles and buttocks so if you want to shape and tone those area then a treadmill that allows you to run uphill is for you.

With a maximum speed of approximately eight miles per hour your find the treadmill more than fast enough for even the super fit you can do everything on the treadmill from a simply walk to running a marathon the speed of the treadmill is fully adjustable from the central control console which is in front of you and where the digital display screen is also located the speed is adjustable in very small increments so the treadmill will never go faster than you want it too.

There's three LCD displays on the treadmill so you can see al your running (or walking) data in real-time as you exercise you can see your pulse rate as measured by pulse sensors built into the handlebars and the time you gave been running for as well as the speed your currently running or walking, the distance you have travelled (or rather would have travelled if this was a road and not a stationary treadmill at home) and the calories you have used whilst exercising which is important if your trying to lose weight.
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