IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill.

IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill with Large Running Surface and Built In Speakers, Two Cup Holders and Emergency Stop.

For the professional treadmill that has everything you should have a look at the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill which has a large running surface giving you plenty of room to move about and two stereo speakers at the front of the treadmill so you can plug in your MP3 player as well as two cup holders, one either side of the digital display for holding water bottles, cups, towels, phone, MP3 players and keys.
IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill, Large Running Surface.

Large Running Surface, Built In Speakers, Two Cup Holders, Emergency Stop.

The LCD display mounted on the front of the treadmill is unique in that it displays a speedometer dial showing your speed on the dial just like you might find in your car this unique way of displaying your running stats is very easy to read even at a glance whilst your running and its not only the speed that you can see on the dial you can also see dials for pulse rate, calories burned, time taken, incline percentage or hill, speed and distance travelled.

The buttons on the console are easy to use and large so you can easily press the buttons even whilst running fast, on the handlebars your find a combined pulse rate and BMI sensor which measure pulse rate by measuring the pulse in the palm of your hands whilst your hands are gripping the handlebars and your BMI or Body Mass Index whilst your gripping the handlebars this is possible because your body mass has a specific resistance which can be measured through the resistance sensors in the handlebars.

The running surface has a six point shock absorbing system which means that six different shock absorbers are present inside the running surface which absorbs the shocks and jolts so your knees, spine, hips and ankles are not absorbing the jolts leaving to painful or stiff joints.
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