IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike.

IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike for a Tough Workout, Exercise From Home.

The IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike is designed to be tough just look at the thickness of that all steel frame and your see that this home exercise bike is practically unbreakable and as well as being tough its modern too with a very modern design that would look good in any home.
IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike, Tough Workout.

Tough Workout, Exercise From Home.

This indoor racing bike is for cycling at home you can used it as a conventional exercise bike taking things for sedately or you can use it as a fast indoor racing bike so it's ideal for the family where the kids will want to use it as a racing bike whilst the adults might opt for a more sedate and gentle exercise bike.

The handles have many different grip positions from classic bicycle to racing bike to handles to hold when your standing up on the pedals so whatever age group uses the exercise bike there will be a hand hold to suit them.

The front wheel of the indoor racing bike is replaced with a 18kg flywheel which spins round fast and provides the momentum to simulate a racing bike out on the road you can freewheel and you can feel the momentum build up in the pedals all thanks to the flywheel so its the nearest cycling experience you can get to actually cycling outdoors but of course you don't get cold and wet and for parents when the children are using a static bicycle indoors your able to keep an eye on them.

If you don't have a garden or anywhere suitable for your kids to ride a bicycle because in some areas it's just not safe these days then an indoor racing bike is ideal the kids won't be whizzing round the house because the bike stays still but there still have lot's of fun seeing how fast they can cycle.
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