IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer.

IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer with Eight Resistance Levels and Computer Display.

The IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer is everything you need to get fit at home there's dual handlebars for exercising the whole body and eight resistance levels so whatever your fitness level you can push yourself just that little bit harder and with a computer display showing you all your exercise vital statistics you get instant feedback on your progress.
IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer, Eight Resistance Levels.

Eight Resistance Levels, Computer Display.

A magnetic resistance system is used on the IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer which has several advantages for home use firstly magnetic resistance is very quirt producing no noise and no vibration or wobbling on the floor either and secondly resistance systems have fewer moving parts than their mechanical cousins so break down a lot less.

There's two sets of handlebars both with multiple hand positions so you can hold the handlebars horizontally or vertically or at an angle whichever position suits you best and two handlebars give you more options for your exercise the static handlebars give you a lower body workout shaping and toning your legs, thighs, bum, calves, hips and tummy whilst the moving handlebars work not only your lower body but your arms and shoulders too exercising the whole body.

Built into the handlebars are pulse sensors too so you don't need any extra wires or stick on body pads to read your pulse as its read from the palm of your hand whilst your exercising.

Just below the digital display is a round resistance knob turn this to increase or decrease the resistance level of the elliptical trainer that's how hard or easy it is to move the pedals up and down and with eight resistance levels there's plenty to choose from.

Delivery is free of charge and it's by courier too and there's a free one year warranty that you can extend to two years if you like either way the warranty will get you a free replacement or free repair if you have any problems.
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