Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer.

Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer with No Need For Mains Power and Continuous Display Of Time, Distance, Speed, Energy Consumption.

Use the Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer in the shed or other room that doesn't have electrical power because you don't need an electrical socket with the Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer as it's powered by your activity on the pedals your need batteries for the digital display though but at least no mains power.
Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer, No Need For Mains Power.

No Need For Mains Power, Continuous Display Of Time, Distance, Speed, Energy Consumption.

When your not using the Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer the digital display will show you the time and date how about that for being useful even when your not using your elliptical trainer and when in use your see the time you have been elliptical cross training for and the speed your pedalling and the distance you would have covered if this was not a static elliptical trainer as well as the energy your creating as you move the pedals round (measured in watts).

In the handlebars your find pulse sensors which measure your pulse rate as you hold them and display your pulse on screen there's even a warning displayed on the screen when your heart rate (calculated from your pulse) exceeds safe limits and for working out how fit you are there's a built in fitness test program that you can use over the weeks to monitor your fitness level improving.

Magnetic resistance is used to provide the resistance to your pedalling efforts and there's 8 levels of resistance to choose from and there's a rear mounted 12kg flywheel which makes the pedalling action smooth and consistent without vibrations or mechanical feeling your notice the fluid motion on the Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer.

The Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer comes with a 3 year parts and labour warranty from Kettler so if you have any problems for the next 3 years your get a free replacement or free repair.
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