Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine.

Buy the Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine the Folding Rower for Easy Storage with High Heart Rate Alarm Signal.

This rowing machine folds upwards when not in use, the long slide which the seat moves backwards and forwards on has a hinge at the top and can be unlocked and folded upwards creating a folded rowing machine that occupies about the same space as an upright vacuum cleaner so you can store the rowing machine under the stairs or easily transport the rowing machine in the boot of your car or even on the back seat.
Kettler Cambridge Rowing Machine, Folding Rower for Easy Storage.

Folding Rower for Easy Storage.

With 8 levels of magnetic resistance there are plenty of different settings for both the unfit or overweight looking to get themselves fitter as well as the fit daily exerciser looking for a way to stay fit and toned easily from home.

The included training computer is mounted up high right at eye level whilst your rowing, the angle can be easily adjusted just by tilting the digital display with your hands, one of the unique features of this rowing machine is the heart rate alarm, the rowing machine automatically records your pulse whilst your rowing and this pulse is used to determine your heart rate, the heart rate has a low alarm and high alarm which you can adjust and will sound an alarm if your recorded heart rate is too high or too low so you know if your having any difficulties and can stop immediately.

With the protection that a heart rate alarm gives you this rowing machine can be used by anyone regardless of age or fitness level.

The training computer even includes a fitness level test, exercise to the fitness level test and the display will show you your fitness rating, as you practice rowing over the coming weeks your get fitter and your fitness level will improve, its a great way to get fit and see how fit your getting.
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