Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym.

Buy the Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym the Compact Home Training Station that's Easy To Change Exercise.

Have you experienced home multi-gyms where its incredibly difficult to change from one exercise to another with all sorts of cables and springs that need to be moved and tightened before you can start doing another exercise well with the Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym there's no setup and nothing to adjust between the different exercises, simply start to exercise its that easy saving you time and sanity fiddling with cables.
Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym, Compact Home Training Station.

Compact Home Training Station.

The Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym is capable of working all muscle groups so if your looking for whole body exercise then this is the multigym for you to buy.

There's a butterfly press and a bench press too, there's also a rowing machine which lets you row with both arms, can you believe that some multigyms only let you row with one arm, not very realistic at all or even practical, with the Kettler Fit Master Basic Multi Gym your find a well thought out multigym for home use.

You can do leg stretches and leg curls to and there's a rope extension for leg kicks which is very important for building up the muscles in your legs if your a swimmer.

The seat is height adjustable so whether your small or tall your find you can be at exactly the right height and the padded backrest with adjustable middle lumber support section is ideal for anyone with backache or who has suffered back pain in the past and wants to prevent a reoccurrence.

There's a biceps curl bar too and you can even use the rope pulley while standing or while sitting down whichever is most comfortable for you.

Supplied with weights so there is absolutely nothing to buy, upon delivery you can start exercising and weight training immediately.
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