Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike.

Buy the Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike which has Wide, Easy Access, Easy to Sit On and a Fitness Test Exercise Programme Built In.

Do you have trouble reaching those high up exercise bike seats and just can't boost yourself upwards or find lifting your legs high enough to sit down on an exercise bike difficult or just like lots of room between the exercise bike seat and the handlebars then buy the Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike which has been specifically designed to help those with less mobility to use an exercise bike in their own homes.
Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike, Wide, Easy Access, Easy Sit On.

Wide, Easy Access, Easy Sit On.

Not quite sure how fit you are anyway but suspect its not very fit at all and need a way to see yourself getting fitter over the coming weeks and months as you exercise well buy the Kettler Golf P Exercise Bike because it has a built in fitness test programme which will give you a score on the digital display so you can see how well your doing and see your fitness level improve over time.

There are 15 levels of resistance to choose from, resistance is how hard it is to pedal, want to lose weight quicker, want to tone and shapen your legs more quickly or want to get fit quicker then your need to use a higher resistance level, if you just want an easy cycle then select a lower resistance level, the choice is yours and the key is to start on a lower resistance level and as your fitness levels and stamina improve over the coming weeks slowly increase the resistance level your using.

When not in use you can easily wheel the exercise bike out of the way into a corner of the room as transport wheels that touch the ground when you lift up one end of the exercise bike make moving the exercise bike easy.
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