Kettler Race Training Bike.

Buy the Kettler Race Training Bike the Professional Home Exercise Racing Bike that's Top of the Range.

Want to buy a professional race training bike that looks every bit the part with professional features like combi-click pedals so you can if you wish wear special cycling shoes that actually click onto the pedals to hold your feet on the pedals, of course you can of course wear normal exercise shoes as well.
Kettler Race Training Bike, Professional Home Exercise Racing Bike.

Professional Home Exercise Racing Bike.

With special safety features like safety free wheel that you just don't get on other makes of home racing bike you have a home racing bike that is ideal for race training and Triathlon training in fact the Kettler Race Training Bike even comes with Triathlon handlebars these are two sets of handlebars at various angles depending on whether you have chosen to sit down and cycle or stand up and cycle.

This is a very sporty looking home racing bike with a round speedo directly at eye level whilst your cycling and you can set your racing goals against various targets from distance, time, calories and pulse so if you want a quick race to a certain distance or see how far you can cycle in a certain time or even cycle until you have burned a specific number of calories then the Kettler Race Training Bike is for you.

The home racing bike will even assess your fitness levels and display them on the digital display screen when you use the fitness rating exercise programme and you can even setup the exercise computer to keep you training in a certain pulse range for optimum fat burning and healthy exercise practice.

If your trying to train and keep your pulse at a certain level or have health concerns and need to keep your pulse rate within a certain level then the Kettler Race Training Bike is the correct choice for you as the bike will automatically adjust resistance and speed setting to keep you within those predetermined pulse ranges, keeping you working hard or keeping you safe depending on your goals.
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