Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer.

Buy the Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer with Ear Clip Pulse Sensor Included and Height Adjustable.

Want a cross trainer that can measure your heart rate and pulse as you exercise so you can keep an eye on heart rate and pulse on the digital display that's directly in front of you then the Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer as all the options you could need, firstly this cross trainer has a pulse sensor built into the handlebars so simply hold the handlebars for your pulse to be sensed and displayed on the digital display along with your heart rate which is calculated from your pulse in much the same way as a doctor or nurse would take your pulse to calculate your heart rate.
Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer, Ear Clip Pulse Sensor Included.

Ear Clip Pulse Sensor Included.

Also the Kettler Verso 309 Cross Trainer has an ear clip pulse sensor, if you don't like holding the handlebars whilst you exercise so the handlebar pulse sensors won't sense your pulse rate then use the ear clip. Or if you prefer to use a chest strap then this cross trainer will work with all the wireless transmitter chest straps to sense your pulse over wireless and display your heart rate and pulse information on te digital display.

There's 16 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from so plenty of choice for the beginner and those who already have a high degree of fitness and being magnetic resistance which is very quiet you won't suffer from any humming or vibration sounds whilst your using the cross trainer.

The footplates have a non slip adjustable tread so your feel secure with firm footing and no feet sliding about like you find on some other makes of cross trainer.

This cross trainer can even give you a fitness rating by monitoring your performance just like a personal trainer would, in fact its like having your own personal trainer with you, take the fitness rating every few weeks to see hoe much you have improved.
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