Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike with Basic Console.

Buy the Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike with Basic Console the Traditional Home Exercise Bike with Classic Workouts like Manual, Hill, Random, Incline and Sport.

Want to buy a comprehensive exercise bike that does everything your need an exercise bike to do in a simple to use, down to earth fashion then buy the Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike.
Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike with Basic Console, Traditional Home Exercise Bike.

Traditional Home Exercise Bike.

With a very good warranty which includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and 5 years warranty on the motor and 3 years warranty on the electrical systems including parts and labour you can buy the Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike and be sure that should you need a repair or replacement there is a warranty scheme in place to deal with any problems quickly.

There's lots of different exercise workouts to choose from the exercise workouts are controlled by the exercise computer which is built into the digital display between the handlebars, the exercises available adjust the resistance of the exercise bike (how easy it is to peddle) and can even adjust the incline of the bike to simulate cycling up and down hills with lots of different exercise programmes to choose from like manual control, hill, random, incline and sport training there's plenty of variation to keep everyone interested.

There's a quick start mode for people who juts like to get on a peddle and don't want to be pressing buttons and selecting exercise programmes as well so whether you like technology or despise it the Life Fitness C1 Upright Bike is a great choice.

You can hold the handlebars in a traditional manner horizontally or adopt a more modern racing position holding the handlebars vertically the choice is yours and with a comfy padded saddle your want to exercise longer without being desperate to get off an uncomfortable saddle.
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