Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym.

Buy the Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym which has Two Sets of Weights and Two Seats.

If you and your partner want to exercise at home together then your going to need a multigym that's made for two people to use at the same time and not all two person multigyms are created equal the Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym has two weight stacks so two people can sit on their own seat and use their own weights, your find other two person multigyms where there is only one weight stack so whilst there are two seats you would still have to wait for the other person to finish exercising whilst your sat on your own seat with no exercises to do.
Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym, Two Sets of Weights.

Two Sets of Weights.

With the Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym you get two seats and two totally independent sets of weights, one for each user so whilst you can use the multigym together your not stuck waiting on each other or even doing the same exercises as each other, your both exercising independently even though your sat on the same multigym.

The Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Multi Gym is a corner multigym the shape means that you can push the multigym into the corner of the room where i won't take up much room and it's perfectly useable in the corner of the room and does not need to be moved out into the middle of the room for use so its a great space saver, just think how much space your saving having a whole gym full of equipment built into the one multigym and of course how much money your saving too.

You get 20 different exercises built in including leg press, leg extension, chest press, lat pull down bar, bench press, shoulder press, preacher curl and adjustable pec deck.
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