Marcy MP2106 Multigym.

Buy the Marcy MP2106 Multigym for Full Body Workout, Work the Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Stomach and Legs.

In need of a multigym for home use that's suitable for giving a workout to your whole body including your chest, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs then buy the Marcy MP2106 Multigym as its the most complete multigym offering a full range of exercise equipment.
Marcy MP2106 Multigym, Full Body Workout.

Full Body Workout.

The chest press is fully adjustable and has a lumber support section which you can adjust for maximum support, if you have backache or previous back pain that you want to make sure does not return then buy the Marcy MP2106 Multigym as the lumber support alone could prevent some exercise related back injuries.

As well as a chest press there's specific stations for chest, shoulders, stomach, arms and legs and the heavy duty steel frame means that if you yourself are a bit of a heavyweight your find this mutigym strong and firm and it won't vibrate or move and scrape along the floor as you use it like some makes of multigym do.

There's a butterfly press station too and a lateral pull down bar and a leg developer for leg extensions and leg curls and you can do seated rowing too with pivoting footplates to support your feet and there's even an abdominal crunch machine to get those great looking abs you always wanted.

A weight stack is included so on delivery your ready to go there's nothing else you need and nothing else your want as the Marcy MP2106 Multigym exercises the whole body.

If you're new to exercising on a multigym don't worry as the multigym comes with a wall chart that shows you exactly how to use all the equipment so you can easily refer to the chart whilst your exercising.

The Marcy MP2106 Multigym is delivered for free and is dispatched from the warehouse the day of order so you can buy today and be exercising on your new multigym tomorrow.
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