Marcy MP2500 Multigym.

Buy the Marcy MP2500 Multigym for Chair Based Exercise with Strong All Steel Cosntruction Frame.

Have you heard about chair based multigyms where all the exercise is done whilst your sitting in a specially designed exercise chair, the Marcy MP2500 Multigym has a strong steel frame and is ideal if you want to exercise from a chair, great for people with limited mobility or needing rehabilitation or just anyone who wants a multigym in their home that does not take up lots of space.
Marcy MP2500 Multigym, Chair Based Exercise.

Chair Based Exercise.

The Marcy MP2500 Multigym is based around an exercise chair and so is very compact, it's the ideal multigym to have at home as you don't need much room in fact if you could fit an office chair in the space you could probably fit the Marcy MP2500 Multigym in the same space.

You get duel action press arms so you have a bench press and a shoulder press and independent motion pec fly arms fo working on your pecs, you also have an incline press and a leg developer for leg extensions with a pivot point that isolates the muscle groups on the leg station so the correct muscles are being worked, this is an important point as many multigyms don't isolate the muscles groups and you can exercise wrongly, on the Marcy MP2500 Multigym you can't exercise wrongly as the proper muscle groups will be isolated automatically.

With leg extensions, leg curls, chest press, lat bar and ankle straps you have everything you need to work your entire body and all from the comfort of an exercise chair.

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The leg station features foam pads to aid muscle isolation and to prevent injury and the seat is fully adjustable, all exercises can be performed from the chair there is no need to leave the chair to perform any of the exercises making this multigym an excellent choice for anyone with limited mobility.
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