Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer.

Buy the Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer the Chair Based Home Multigym which Includes Exercise Instructions.

Looking for a chair based multigym for home use that also exercises and shapes your thighs there's only one choice and that's the Marcy MP3500 Multigym.
Marcy MP3500 Multigym with Thigh Trainer, Chair Based Home Multigym.

Chair Based Home Multigym.

If you have wanted to buy a multigym for home use but been unsure about how you would actually use your multigym then the exercise instructions included with the Marcy MP3500 Multigym will be of great help, the instructions come in a wall chart so you can put the chart on the wall right next to where your exercising and where its easy to refer to the chart until you get comfortable using the multigym.

All the exercises can be performed without leaving the seat of the Marcy MP3500 Multigym so its great for those with limited mobility or just those who like to get straight down to their exercise with the minimum of fuss, even the thigh trainer which works both inner and outer thighs is used whilst your sitting in the exercise chair.

85kg of weights are included and that's an important point to note because so many multigyms are sold without the weights which leads to disappointment as you won't have everything you need to start exercising straight away and then of course there's the added expense, the Marcy MP3500 Multigym has weights and everything you need even exercise tips and instructions and with shipping the same day your be exercising on your own home multigym in no time at all.

The padded seat and backrest has adjustable lumbar support so you won't be getting a bad back and your chiropractor will be happy as a fully adjustable lumbar support system means no more back troubles.

There's even an abdominal crunch strap for getting those six pack abs you have always dreamed of and all whilst sitting down in a comfortable exercise chair.
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