Parabody GS2 Multi Gym.

Buy the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym the Exercise Chair where Exercise Equipment is actually built into a Chair.

If you have limited mobility or just fancy having all your exercised equipment within easy reach without having to move out of your exercise chair then the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is the one to buy.
Parabody GS2 Multi Gym, Exercise Chair.

Exercise Chair.

With no need to spend ages setting up different pieces of exercise equipment as everything is built in and no need to fill up your home with difficult to store exercise equipment when the one exercise seat on the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is all you need.

If you thought you did not have the room in your home for a multigym then think again as the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is one of the most compact and well organised multigyms available today.

Recovering from injury and need strength training or just want to get yourself fit and lose some weight the compact shape of the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is ideal as you won't lose valuable space in your home, included is a variable arc press station offering both conventional fixed arc press and a close grip chest press as well as an extended arm pec fly rear delts ands seated rowing exercises.

All the exercise equipment is designed to fit around you and everything is easy to adjust with no tools required for adjustment.

Only have a small area or small room and want it to be a fitness room but just don't have the space with the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym no matter how small the spare room your have more than enough room for this state of the art and very easy to use multigym.

With a lateral pulldown bar (lat bar), revolving low rowing bar, ankle strap and 73kg (160lb of weight included in the low price there has never been a better time to buy and if your worried about the quality don't there is a lifetime frame warranty.
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