Parabody GS2 Multi Gym.

Buy the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym the Never Leave Your Seat Home Gym which includes Chest Press, Lat Pulldown Bar, Leg Curl and Leg Extension.

Buying a home gym and want one that's very easy to use and gets straight down to the business of getting fit without needing lots of setup and does not require constant adjustments in used as you use the different items of exercise equipment on the home gym then buy the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym a home gym where you never need to leave the multigym seat whilst your training.
Parabody GS2 Multi Gym, Never Leave Your Seat Home Gym.

Never Leave Your Seat Home Gym.

Many home gyms require access from all sides as you move round the home gym from station to station this requires that you place the home gym in the middle of the room which takes up lots of space what Parabody have done with their multigym is design everything to come to the multigym user in much the same way that a car cockpit is designed around the user Parabody have designed this multigym around the multigym seat, once your sat in the seat everything is within easy reach and right in front of you.

If you have limited mobility or any sort of disability your welcome a multigym that once your sat in the multigym seat you don't have to move again to access any of the fitness equipment that is built into the multigm.

A fully enclosed weight stack offering 160lb (73kg) of weights is included with the multigym and that's a very important addition as many multi gyms don't actually supply any weights with them but with the Parabody GS2 Multi Gym you get everything you need in the one multigym so you can start exercising as soon as your Parabody GS2 Multi Gym is delivered.
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