Phit Kidz Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Phit Kidz Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer for Introducing Kids To A Healthy Lifestyle the Children's Cross Trainer.

Looking for a children's elliptical cross trainer then the Phit Kidz Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer is for you its a scaled down in size elliptical trainer fore children its not a toy but a full working highly engineered elliptical trainer just like a full size elliptical trainer that their parents would use just smaller and designed to introduce kids to exercising.
Phit Kidz Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer, Introducing Kids To A Healthy Lifestyle.

Introducing Kids To A Healthy Lifestyle, Childrens Cross Trainer.

The elliptical trainer is day glow green in colour and designed to be fun and quirky for kids to enjoy elliptical cross training is the best form of low impact exercise as your not putting any pressure on your joints as there is no impact movement like there is with running where every step causes impact with a cross trainer you never lift your feet away from the pedals or hands away from the handlebars so there is no impact at all.

For a smooth movement and super quiet exercise machine magnetic resistance is used and as magnetic resistance systems have fewer moving parts these machines last for many years this is a quality elliptical trainer with a maximum child weight of 16 stone so all children can safely use this elliptical trainer to lose weight and get some exercise.

There's dual handlebars so children can have a full body exercise or just work their lower body for shaping and toning of legs, thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach muscles or a full body workout by holding the moving handlebars which also exercises the shoulders and arms.

There's transport wheels at the bottom of the elliptical trainer that only touch the floor when you lift up one end so its easy top move the elliptical trainer from room to room if you need to and is supplied with some simple home assembly needed but all the tools you need are supplied and assembly should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes, delivery is free.
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