PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike.

PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike the Adults Electric Pedal Bike with 4 Hours Charge for 19 Miles Range.

The PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike is an adults electric bike, it's not a toy it's a proper electric bike designed for transport and to get your around town as quickly and as cheaply as possible, the electric bike runs from a rechargeable battery that has a range of 19 miles and only takes 4 hours to recharge, recharging is achieved by plugging the electric cable into a normal household electrical socket you can recharge the electric bike at home or at work or at a friends house and if you can recharge at work your not even having to pay for your electricity.
PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike, Adults Electric Pedal Bike.

Adults Electric Pedal Bike, 4 Hours Charge, 19 Miles Range.

The saddle height is fully adjustable for all sizes of rider and the saddle is very well padded and has saddle springs for suspension so you're always enjoy a good ride without bumps there's mudguards too so you won't get wet and rain splashes on your legs and clothes and there's a rear luggage holder for securing your bags and briefcase if you sue the electric bicycle for shopping or going to work.

This is a very smart looking bicycle and at first glance you would not even know that it was an eclectic bike until you noticed the battery tube under the seat, you can fit a basket at the front if you want more room for your shopping or even for a rear child seat over the rear wheel and storage rack.

Top use the electric motor simply twist the handgrip the more you twist the faster the electric bike goes and releasing your hand from the handgrip stops the electric motor when you're using the electric motor you can still pedal if you wish and for safety the electric motor does not power the pedals it only powers the wheels, you can use the electric bike as a normal push bike if you like as well as an electric bike as the pedals work just like a normal push bike.
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