PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike.

PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike the Folding Electric Bike with Rear Bag Storage Rack.

If you want an electric bike then the PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike is the best choice as its a folding bike that easily fits in the boot of your car or you can take the folded electric bike on the train or bus with you, simply unfold the bike and start to ride and the electric motor will do the pedalling for you.
PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike, Folding Electric Bike.

Folding Electric Bike, Rear Bag Storage Rack.

The PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike has pedals so you can push the pedals round with your feet like a normal bicycle or twist throttle on the handgrip and have the electric bike power the wheels for you, note that when the electric motor is powering the bike the power goes straight to the wheels and does not turn the pedals round that's so you can continue to rest your feet on the pedals and pedal along if you like or just hold your feet on the pedals without moving the pedals.

The electric bike takes only four hours to fully charge from completely flat and the charging cable just plugs into a normal household electrical socket so you could charge your electric bike at home or at work or at a friends house of course if you can charge your electric bike at work then even the electricity will be free.

On the back of the electric bike is a bike rack for storage you can put your bag or briefcase on the back and because the electric bike has front and rear mud guards your clothes won't get dirty when its raining as you won't get any splashes on your legs or trousers.

There's front and rear brakes on the electric bike these are high quality calliper brakes like you're used to on a normal push bicycle these brakes are made by Shimano who make a lot of top end braking and gears for bicycles.
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