PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill.

PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill the Open Treadmill the Design Gives Extra Space for Runners.

If you always feel enclosed on a treadmill with no space to move and accidentally kicking the treadmill body as you run then you need the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill this is a pedestal treadmill with just one column at the front of the treadmill and with a lot less treadmill body getting in the way you have more room to run and walk the way you want.
PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill, Open Treadmill.

Open Treadmill, Design Gives Extra Space for Runners.

The treadmill has large handles on each side of a large LCD display these large handles are sturdy and will help with your support as you run or walk holding the handlebars and with two pulse sensors in the handlebars (one in each handle) just hold the handlebars to have your pulse read and displayed in front of you, the pulse sensors are shiny metal sensors where all you need do is hold them for your pulse to be measured no wires or pads are required to be placed on you so its very unobtrusive.

There's seven exercise programmes built in these are like seven different running tracks, some have hills, some are fast, some are slow some will increase your cardiovascular activity, some will strengthen muscle some are just for fun and some will help you lose weight, just choose the exercise programme you would like and then enter how fast you would like the exercise programme to run that's how fast you would like the treadmill to move its the maximum speed as the treadmill will adjust the course automatically.

The treadmill even has a built in air fan with adjustable airspeed to keep cool air blowing on your face as you run, you can adjust the speed or turn the fan off if you prefer there's also stereo speakers which you can plug your MP3 player into.
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