PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill.

PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill the Single Column Treadmill with More Room.

If you feel cramped on a treadmill with no space for your legs and always accidentally kicking the treadmill front as you run or walk then buy a treadmill that doesn't have a front and instead uses a single column so there's nothing to get in the way of your feet like the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill.
PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill, Single Column Treadmill.

Single Column Treadmill, More Room.

The running deck can be raised or lowered (the front of the deck raises whilst the back stays down) to create a hill to run up or walk up this provides variety to your exercise programme and also works different muscles than running on the flat as when running or walking uphill you exercise, shape and tone your bum, thighs, calves and tummy muscles.

The buttons to operate the incline are on the main console directly in front of you ad you can raise and lower the treadmill deck whilst the deck is going round and your running or walking on the moving deck.

There's a cooling fan on the console at the front which blows cool air towards you whilst your running you can turn this fan on and off and adjust the speed of the fan thers also two speakers mounted either side of the digital display there's stereo speakers let you plug in your MP3 player and listen to music whilst you exercise much better than wearing earplugs that get all sweaty and fall out as your jogging.

Built into the treadmill are seven exercise programmes designed for all levels of fitness these are like seven different running tracks with hills and fast sections and slow sections and areas to run hard and areas to recover just like real running tracks the treadmill automatically increase and decreases both the speed of the treadmill and the incline or hill that the treadmill deck will move to when you select an exercise programme you can specify the maximum speed the treadmill should use for that programme so each programme can be used for all fitness levels.
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