PowerTech Olympian Treadmill.

PowerTech Olympian Treadmill with Wide Running Surface and Running Circuit Display.

If you're always worried about falling off a treadmill then buy a treadmill with a bigger running surface like the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill which will increase your confidence as you have more room to move around plus there's two large and sturdy treadmill handlebars you can hold onto whilst you walk or run.
PowerTech Olympian Treadmill, Wide Running Surface.

Wide Running Surface, Running Circuit Display.

Uniquely the treadmill can fold with two different folding positions you can lift the bottom of the treadmill surface up and the hydraulic arm will take over lifting the treadmill floor into a forty five degree angle and locking it in place this lifts the treadmill off the floor and gives you more room alternatively you can fold the treadmill completely in half so that its so flat you can push the folded treadmill under your bed for storage or under a sofa or even if you want to make a statement hang the folded treadmill on your wall.

The PowerTech Olympian Treadmill has a large LCD screen which shows a running track (circuit) on screen and your position on the circuit which represents the entire exercise programme so if your half way round the circuit then your half way through the exercise programme and around the graphics is your running statistics like your pulse rate which is a great way to make sure your not overdoing things especially if the doctor has told you to be careful or you have an existing medical condition.

On the display your also find a button to adjust the incline that's how high the treadmill should be raised up at one end to create a hill for you to walk or run up the advantage of running uphill is that it provides freshness and interest to your running so you don't get bored its also great for shaping and toning your calf muscles, tummy muscles, thighs and buttocks.
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