PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer.

PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer the Compact Exercise Machine with Hardwearing Metal Construction.

Ideal for home use the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer is compact and does not take up much room and uniquely compared to some of the cheaper elliptical trainers on the market the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer is made from steel its hardwearing and strong unlike many of the plastic elliptical trainers on the market today that will not survive an enthusiastic workout.
PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer, Compact Exercise Machine.

Compact Exercise Machine, Hardwearing Metal Construction.

Built into the handlebars are stainless steel pulse sensors hold the handlebars as you exercise and the pulse measured from your hands will be automatically displayed on the screen which is mounted above the flywheel so you can easily see your current pulse and any changes higher or lower so your know if your pulse goes too high or too low as the digital display will warn you with a message this is especially useful if your concerned about your heart or your fitness level and want to get fit but don't want to overdo things.

The digital display unit that's mounted above the flywheel actually has five separate digital displays so you can see all your exercise statistics in real time immediately without waiting for the measurement you're following to scroll round when you just have the one display this can be very infuriating when for example your trying to go as fast as you can to burn more calories but the calorie display disappears from the screen as the display scrolls round to another value.

With the PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer you can see all values in real-time as they happen all of the time so it's easy to compare all your stats as you can see them all together so for example you can see your pulse rate and the calories your burning and see if you exercise harder does your pulse rate rise and do you burn more calories.

On the five digital displays you can see your pulse rate as recorded by the stainless steel sensors on the handlebars the time you have been exercising for and the current speed of your elliptical training as well as the distance you have cross trained for or would have if the exercise machine wasn't static and finally the calories you have burned whilst exercising which is helpful when your trying to lose weight.
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