PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill.

PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill the Mid Priced Treadmill with 6 LED Displays Shows Everything.

Looking for a good all round treadmill at a reasonable price then the PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill is for you the treadmill measures everything whilst your running or walking there's six LED displays which simultaneously show you all your details whilst you run details like how long you have been exercising, whether the treadmill deck has been set bon an incline (hill) or not how many calories your burning whilst you exercise (useful if your on a calorie controlled diet) the distance you have run the speed your running and finally your pulse rate.
PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill, Mid Priced Treadmill.

Mid Priced Treadmill, 6 LED Displays Shows Everything.

Your pulse rate is measured by sensors in the handlebars these contact sensors measure the pulse in the palm of your hand as you hold the handlebars you don't need to attach any wires or pads to yourself making it quick and easy to know your pulse rate which is a good indication of your current health whilst exercising, too low and your pulse rate might indicate your going to faint and too high and the pulse rate might indicate a high blood pressure problem either way the treadmill will warn you and your know to stop or reduce exercising.

The PowerTech Pacemaker Plus Treadmill is designed to keep you safe with pulse rate measurement and an emergency stop button with cord so you can hold the cord in your hand whilst you walk, jog or run and should youi8 trip or fall or even pull away from the treadmill the emergency stop cord will be pulled and the treadmill will come to a compete stop.

Speakers on the front console where the digital display is located let you plug in your MP3 player and have the music coming out of the built in speakers when your running at home and don't have to worry about those around yo8u its nicer to hear your music through stereo speakers rather than earphones.
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