PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill.

PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill for Home Exercise the Electric Motor Powers the Running Track.

Want to exercise at home and the only exercise you like doing is walking then you need a walking treadmill like the PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill its designed specifically for walking so the price isn't pushed up with features only suitable for running and the PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill has an electric motor that powers the running track round making it very easy to use much easier than walking treadmills that have no motor and require your walking to move the treadmill belt round as they are just hard work and don't give you a natural walking movement as your always trying to walk in such a way that the treadmill will move under your feet and not remain still with an electric motor walking is natural and easy.
PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill, Home Exercise.

Home Exercise, Electric Motor Powers Running Track.

If you don't like walking outside for fear of comments from people as you walk or because of the bad weather or that you might slip or are just not as sure footed as you would like to be then a treadmill you can walk on in your own home is for you as you can stop anytime you like and go as fast or as slow as you like and because the speed of the electric motor is easily adjustable from a push button on the control console you can walk very slowly or very fast and even power walking the choice is yours and your always in control.

There's a big red emergency stop button on the control console in front of you so you can push this button and the treadmill will stop instantly or even better the emergency stop button has a clothing clip on a cord you can hold the cord in your hand or attach the clip to your clothes (clip to your t-shirt, shorts or trousers) and then if you move away or fall the cord will be pulled and the walking treadmill will stop instantly.
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