Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike.

Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike for Beginners Home Exercise the Easy To Use, Easy To Store Exercise Bike.

If your a beginner to home exercise your want a exercise bike that has the features you need without spending too much money and that's easy to store when your not exercising the Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike is ideal.
Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike, Beginners Home Exercise.

Beginners Home Exercise, Easy To Use, Easy To Store.

Made from strong tubular steel with a large well padded seat that actually looks like a seat your want to sit on and not the tiny razor blade style seats you see on some exercise bikes the exercise bike is silent in operation so your actually hear your music through your earphones and you won't bother anyone in the house with loud exercise machine noises.

There's a resistance knob located on the handlebar column directly in front of you when your sat on the saddle and within easy hand reach, turn the resistance knob to the left to reduce the resistance level making it easier to peddle and turn the reissuance knob to the right to increase the resistance and make it harder to peddle, you can use the resistance knob when your exercising, there is no need to stop exercising to adjust the resistance.

The handlebars have multiple grip positions you can hold the handlebars vertically, horizontally and at an angle so whatever grip position you prefer is available and the seat adjusts for height and has a very long saddle column so from the tallest to the shortest everyone can adjust the saddle so their feet sit comfortably on the peddles.

There's a combined exercise computer and digital display in the middle of the handlebars and this shows the time you have been cycling for as well as your current cycling speed and the distance you have cycled or at least would have cycled if this was not a static exercise bike for home use.
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