Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill.

Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill the Top Of The Range Treadmill with LCD TV, Heart Rate Measurement and Heart Rate Control Exercise.

Looking to buy a top of the range treadmill that has everything then take a look at the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill which includes a LCD colour TV and heart rate measurement equipment and heart rate control exercise programmes that monitor your heart rate and adjust the speed of the treadmill according to your heart rate feedback.
Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill, Top Of The Range Treadmill.

Top Of The Range Treadmill, LCD TV, Heart Rate Measurement, Heart Rate Control Exercise.

With the Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill features a powered incline where at the press of a button the treadmill will rise up to create an incline or hill for you to walk or run up, running up hills is great for toning and firming calves, hips, tummy, thighs and bums.

As well as being able to watch television whilst you walk or run you can plug in a DVD player or MP3 player to watch a film or listen to your music.

The Powertech Ultimate X LCD Treadmill has pulse rate sensors built into the handlebars these sensors record your pulse simply by placing your hands on the handgrips the advantage of this is that no wires body pads are required the pulse reading is then covered into a heart rate reading and displayed on the screen.

The exercise programmes that are built into the treadmill are like racing tracks with every racing track or exercise programme being different these all have different hills or flat running some are faster and some are slower some are designed to lose weight whilst others are designed to strengthen muscles, these programmes as well as working under manual control can be controlled by your heart rate you simply set the maximum heart rate that you want the machine to not go over as a percentage of your maximum heart rate for example 65% now the machine will monitor your heart rate determine the maximum heart rate and adjust your exercise to not go faster or harder than 65% of your maximum heart rate.
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