Reebok 3 Series Treadmill.

Buy the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill and Stay In Shape includes a Hi Tech Digital Display where you Dodge Dogs and Beat Traffic.

If you get bored running or walking on treadmills then take a look at the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill which has a innovative display that shows you running on a race track where you have to dodge stray dogs chasing after you and beat the traffic, it's all fun and its all designed to keep you interested and motivated whilst your using the treadmill, of course you set the display to be more professional without the silliness but it al helps to lighten those running sessions.
Reebok 3 Series Treadmill, Stay In Shape.

Stay In Shape.

Like to walk or run uphill then the Reebok 3 Series Treadmill has all you need with 12 levels of incline (12 different sized hills to choose from), select the level of incline you want and the treadmill running deck is raised and lowered automatically to simulate running or walking up hill.

The digital display evens shows you your pulse and calories that you have used while exercising, simply choose an exercise programme like lose weight, maintain fitness, increased cardio vascular exercise, mild walk, all out race and more, the first thing you will be asked is to enter your weight this is so an accurate calorie counter can be displayed on screen that actually shows you how many calories your using as you exercise.

Pulse sensors in the handlebars measure your pulse as you hold them and display the pulse information on screen which is handy if you have a medical condition that means you need to see how well or badly your body is reacting to exercise.

The Reebok 3 Series Treadmill has a large running belt so if your worried whether your fall off when your running or walking you can feel confident that with the extra room on this treadmill your have the space to stand in a position that's comfortable whilst you exercise.
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