Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer.

Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer for Full Body Training, Use For Fitness and Therapy.

The Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer is a full body exercise machine with dual handlebars you can use the fixed handlebars for a lower body exercise concentrating on the buttocks, thighs, calves, hips and tummy muscles or you can use the moving handlebars for a full body training incorporating arm and shoulder training as well as lower body exercise which makes the Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer ideal for both fitness and therapy work.
Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer, Full Body Training.

Full Body Training, Use For Fitness and Therapy.

At the rear of the elliptical trainer is a large flywheel that ensures smooth continuous motion so when you're working the pedals it doesn't feel jerky or mechanical and is easy to start pedalling from stand still without those difficult first pedals that you get on some stiffer elliptical trainers.

12 exercise programmes are built into the Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer these having different fitness goals like burn fat, improve strength, improve muscles, cardiovascular workout and many more simply select the exercise programme that meets your goals.

The resistance system used (M-Force electronic) is an electronic resistance system where there are no dials to turn or levers to pull to adjust resistance its all done by a button press from the control pad with the elliptical trainer being able to automatically adjust the resistance level (that's how hard it is to move the pedals up and down) as well, as you being able to adjust the resistance level manually from the control pad.

Resistance is controlled in 5 watt increments from 25 to 400 watts so there's lots of scope for starting of with a small resistance and slowly building up to some quite large resistance levels.

Pulse sensors in the handlebars ensure that your pulse rate and heart rate are displayed on screen and a warning will show if your heart rate falls too low or increases.

The footplates are cushioned and shock absorbed so there is no impact whatsoever form your movement whilst elliptical trainers are generally low impact devices the Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer is a no impact device thanks to the footplate shock absorbing.
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